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Assam Oud

AED 177 AED 277

A specialty from the Assam forests of Indian highlands, known for the longevity of its trees, Assam oud has been immortalized by past generations. Characterized by its strength and exquisite black veins, it's presented to you natural free from industrial materials.  It brings to the surface memories of the past and remains with you as long as ..


Laosi Oud

AED 196 AED 296

The Laosi Oud gives off a fast, friendly, luxuriant fragrance from the moment of contact with the embers. Foamy in appearance, it announces itself as pure and easily charms whoever may be fortunate enough to approach its territory. Its charms come in its lightness of touch, for the smell is modest in its elegance, and it’s convenient for domestic o..


Moroki Oud

AED 171 AED 271

Here, prestige meets heaviness and a quiet modesty. Its durable fragrance lives on the person and personal effects, making its way to offices and homes where it leaves an indelible impression on all who come into contact with it. Its designed for the classy use who would appreciate its depth...


Nagaland Oud

AED 198 AED 298

With its scarcity comes elegance and a fragrance of such power that engulfs entire halls from the jungles of Nagaland.Praised for its rich fragrance and soothing properties the nagaland oud can quickly travel from hands to outfits and even to the surroundings. With its long stability, the nagaland Oud gives you hours of soothing nerve and headache r..

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