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Automatic incense burners

Automatic incense burners

Al Fakhamah Collection

The most beautiful types of oud, perfumes, and incense, in addition to the new life incense burner, all combined in one luxurious boxThis special offer contains a complete lineup of:• Al Hayat Incense Burner - black• Bakhour oud dahabi• Oud al dawat perfume• MISK AL AROUS • Amir al oud perume• Oud Al Dahab perfume..

AED 289 AED 499

AL TAMAYUOZ Collection

A distinctive collection of the finest perfumes with the best incense, in addition to the Arabian Oud, known for its luxurious and constant smell.This special offer contains a complete lineup of:• Al-Hayat Incense Burner - white• Bakhoor LAYLA• Bakhoor humail• Mu'taq Oud 2• Golden Amber Oud• Golden perfume• Sultan perfume..

AED 299 AED 489

Portable Electronic Incense Burner

The time of charcoal has ended with its problems, and the modern suitable alternative is this small-sized electric incense burner. This incense burner has many advantages:•  it is light and can be carried anywhere,•  and it is elegant that you can display in front of your guests and at parties and family events with satisfaction,•  i..

AED 74 AED 130

Car Electric Incense Burner

It is easy to use and lightweight, specially designed to Perfuming your car, and it can also be used to perfume the house.•  the incense burner is rechargeable to eliminate the disadvantages of using charcoal and the pollution it causes to the air. • and once turn on, you will smell pure incense as if you embraced nature...

AED 87 AED 152

E-aromatherapy evaporator

•  Aromatherapy electronic incense burner has proven its success with everyone who has tried it, it is indispensable for Perfuming hair and beard as well.•  because it is small and safe and includes a comb for styling hair and to Perfum its fragrance with your distinctive incense, and its advantages are still many.• it is waterproof and h..

AED 219 AED 383

Pearl electronic incense burner

Not only for the Ramadan atmosphere, but for an authentic oriental atmosphere at any time, here is the small portable incense burner. It is rechargeable through a USB connects to electricity Easily, and because it is vertical shape without bends .•  it is ideal for multiple uses, such as: Perfuming the house and clothes, The car and any place ..

AED 42 AED 74

Pearl electronic incense burner

• It is a modern incense burner, light weight and strong performance. You can now carry it anywhere without the need to prepare and ignite the charcoal.• easy to use. It is just a push of a button and thick smoke pervades the smell of your favorite oud in the place in a few seconds.•  and it is easily recharged through the mobile charger.•&nbs..

AED 129 AED 169

Portable bakhoor burner

•  A portable incense burner with a USB port for easy recharging, its elegant shape, light weight and small size all these features •  make it the ideal incense burner for multiple uses, to perfume hair and clothes, at home, in the office and in the car , it is the perfect gift for anyone who loves originality and contemporary...

AED 99 AED 159

Portable electric incense burner

The time has come to relieve from the traditional charcoal burning problems and to save time and effort, with the portable electric incense burner that is easy to use.•  it works on the battery and has a cavity for incense to heat it, then clouds of smoke  spread with velvety fragrance.• it is the perfect device for fragrance lovers and l..

AED 74 AED 130

Portable electronic hair incense burner

• Specially designed with a long head that allows it to penetrate into your hair to reveal the distinctive fragrance, and it is completely safe because it works with dry batteries. And :•  it has a long hand to be easy to carry and move it on the hair, the two elegant colors: black and gold shine together in the design of this elegant incense ..

AED 229 AED 401

jawhara bag

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;} jawhara bagmixes combine oud, rose and muskThe contents of the bag*Oud roses freshener 50ml ✅ * Fresh musk size 50 ml ✅ * Maher incense 150 grams ✅..

AED 159 AED 530

Al ahasis Bag

Al ahasis BagRasail Oud and Aroma Khaled from the first love fragrance experience that immerses him, essential oils are inspired by the world of luxury that smells of the finest types of oud and oriental notesThe contents of the bag* Barcode noir perfume 80ml ✅ * Barcode perfume volume 80 ml ✅ * Oud roses hair freshener 50ml ✅ * Musk hair freshener..

AED 299 AED 997

alhoor Collection

Perfume scent like sweet scent sweetens four types of perfumes of 100 sizeAnd two hair perfumes, velvet and pure muskFour types of home sprays with specific smells and a volume of 150 mlTwo types of incense oud Ansam and Oud LamarElectronic Pearl Incense Burner..

AED 329 AED 399

Alhyba Bag

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}Alhyba BagExpress the depth of your love with valuable fragrances, deep and warm the perfect ambiance for your dayBox contents* Khayal Perfume, size 80 ml ✅ * Perfume Gram size 80 ml  ✅ * Qimma perfume size 80 ml   ✅ * Gernas perfume size 80 ml  ✅ * Hair Mist Candy Size 30..

AED 299 AED 763

Allmst Almalakia Bag

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;} Allmst Almalakia BagEnjoy the scents that suit your taste. Royal fragrances are collected in a velvet bag that has a charming and elegant lookThe contents of the bag* Shumukh perfume 30 ml ✅* Mali Perfume 30 ml ✅* Perfume Fakhr size 30 ml ✅* Sensational Oud incense 150g size ✅* Stylish ..

AED 189 AED 630

Almas bag

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}Almas bagAn elegant and luxurious velvet bag with fragrances that distinguish your dear personThe contents of the bagBarcode noir perfume 80ml* Barcode perfume volume 80 ml ✅* Bakhoor hair mist 30 ml ✅* Fleur hair freshener size 30 ml ✅* High-end cylindrical electronic incense burner ✅..

AED 199 AED 663

alshumukh bag

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}alshumukh bagEach perfume spray tells us about a distinct scent that stays in the memory forever, so we chose the most luxurious fragrance for youThe contents of the bag* Barcode noir perfume 80ml ✅* Barcode perfume volume 80 ml ✅* Bakhoor hair mist 30 ml ✅* Fleur hair freshener size 30 ..

AED 219 AED 730

Astag alzihria bag

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}Astag alzihria bagThe scents of spinning and sweetness are sweet, and the aroma of her perfume wafts and pleases the mindThe contents of the bag* Perfume savage volume of 100 ml ✅ * Chances canal perfume volume of 100 ml ✅ * Savage dior perfume 100 ml ✅ * Tuscan Leather 100ml ✅ * Incense..

AED 249 AED 830
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