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Carnation Frankincense

AED 69 AED 138

Carnation FrankincenseA mix of an Arabian laban and the finest Arabic oils with the smell of permeable Carnation. It gives clean air and a free atmosphere of contaminants.Ideal for steaming at any time of day to stay smelly for hours. One of the finest Arab oil and Arab laban. ''Teeb Al-Hoor'' shows a collection of six delicious Arab smells, d..


Chamomile Frankincense

AED 79 AED 158

Chamomile FrankincenseWith its captivating aroma, chamomile flowers blend with the finest Arabic oils and sterile laban pieces.To give a feeling of warmth, tenderness, and relaxation, with fresh and clean air sterilized by Arabic frankincense. It can be used to steam clothes in the evening, steam home rooms, and sterilize them before bed or in..


Frankincense Flower of Tea

AED 99 AED 198

Frankincense Flower Of TeaThe aroma of tea flower and the benefits of Arabic frankincense in sterilization, and mixing it with the best Arab oils . Incense of gum is the flower of tea. Which relaxes the soul, removes ugly odors, sterilizes, and cleans the air throughout, eliminating germs and leaving a fragrant smell in place. One of the fines..


Harmala Frankincense

AED 79 AED 158

Harmala FrankincenseA distinctive blend of the scent of the Harmala flower with the Arabian laban and a selection of authentic Arabic oils.The Arab Frankincense is useful in sterilizing the air with the benefits of the flower of the sand in the rest of the stress when the house is bothered by the long day.One of the finest Arab oil and Arab laban. ..


Lavender Frankincense

AED 109 AED 218

Lavender FrankincenseIn Lavender Frankincense, the benefits of Lavender  in purifying the atmosphere and relaxing the nerves, combine with the benefits of Arab oils and Arabic laban in air sterilization. It can be used to make early morning dresses or to make the rooms of the house feel good and clean.One of the finest Arab oil and Arab l..


Mint Frankincense

AED 89 AED 178

Mint FrankincenseThe mint's delight, and the sterilization of Arabic laban and the benefits of Arab oils, meet together in  ''mint Frankincense'', to offer a product that provides fresh, comfortable, clean and sterile positive atmosphere, it relieves headaches and helps you breathe better by relieving congestion in the cold thanks to the mint ..

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