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French perfume

French perfume

Oudi Rose Black Collection


AED 289 AED 389

Ambiance perfume

 • Ambiance Collection Perfume Gift Set, it contains 5   bottles Appropriate for her and him, and it is a mixture of spicy, floral, and musk scents. •  Women's perfumes are characterized by the soft and soothing floral scent, while men's perfumes contain a warm aromatic concentration that makes it the best perfume for men T..

AED 299 AED 523

Arman Perfume

This fragrance is inspired by the strong wind that blows in the countries of the East, which bears its name Arman, we can be said that it is the true aromatic embodiment of this joyful wind. •  Through this fragrance, the sun's vibrant heat and warmth unite with the super-seductive blush of fragrance; The result is an oriental harmony bet..

AED 219 AED 471

Crystal perfume Collection

A collection of seven fragrances inspired by pure oriental flora, like sparkling, shimmering crystals that are magical. • This fragrance is an intense distillation of oriental nature, which forms the heart of the original scent.  • it takes you in his orientalism in a long warmth. It is an ode to a flower that demands a strong and ri..

AED 299 AED 523

Great Collection

They say that women go straight for the things of value, and perhaps this is the reason why they prefer Collection of Great Fragrances. •  It is a group of five types of unique, fruity-rich scents that last for hours of enjoyment.  • This spirited mix is very attractive and full of life. Elegant by nature and full of zest, this ..

AED 299 AED 523


Johnny Varvatos Hair Perfume for Women is the perfect choice for you for all your occasions. • Design Johnny Varvatos perfume from John with a distinct artistic touch. • This fragrance is designed as a favorite for all occasions. It is characterized by a natural combination of fruits and flowers • For a distinct scent that mesmerizes everyone..

AED 119 AED 209

Black Crystal Fresh Hair Perfume

Black  Crystal  hair  perfume  is  distinguished  for  hair  care,light  formula  with irresistible  fruity  notes,•  specially  created  to  give  your  hair  long-lasting  freshness.•  Design edto   illuminate   color-treat..

AED 59 AED 103

Bur body edp

Blue Oud perfume is a unique fragrant of rare Indian Oud and blue musk scent which contains sandalwood, black broccoli, white saffron extract and Dehn Oud extract. to give you an exuding mix coming from years of experience enjoyed by Arabian Oud. Its sce+F180:F240nt is oriental-spicy...

AED 143 AED 198

Chris Adams Life Time Pour Homme

Chris Adams Life Time Pour Homme is an oriental fragrance for men. • The fragrance combines exquisite Italian bergamot and lavender, •  with heart notes of orange flower and jasmine, and a musk leaf and patchouli approach.• The fragrance is preserved in a black leather-coated bottle and comes in a black box...

AED 79 AED 138

Exciting For Woman Fresh Perfume

A refreshing floral fragrance that makes you dream of warm spring days. •  It beautifully disperses a lightweight mist containing smoothing ingredients for healthy hair.•   Sprinkle a little on your hair in the morning and you'll see that you'll smell the scent even after you come home at night...

AED 59 AED 103

GABANNA Pefrume Collection

You will not be able to do without this perfume, because it will help you to express  your feel every day, and just as clothes define the look, GABANNA Pefrume Collection are the gateway to the depths of the soul.  • The collection contains 5 elegant bottles for men and women containing a citrus floral fragrance that reflects the aes..

AED 299 AED 329

Gevinchi Perfume

Look for the distinctive fragrance, then discover it and continue to enjoy it, when we talk about the Givenchy Collection. •  which consists of 5 perfumes that compete with each other to impress you and satisfy your femininity, we will not find what we can call easy,  • you are looking for a fragrance extracted from cactus, oran..

AED 199 AED 348

Gift Set Dreamz Pink Pour Femme

Dreamz Pink Perfumes Pour Femme are the best gift for the woman you love.•  The fragrance is encapsulated in a pink crystal bottle with a pink fragrance and it comes inside an elegant floral box. A fragrance of soft pink rose petals flowing in soft pink clouds colored by a warm sunset surprise you with the top notes of lemon and jasmine and te..

AED 79 AED 138

Hair Mist Perfume

Hair perfume might not have been in your hair care routine before, but it is very important if you want to always smell luscious in your hair. •  You can achieve this by using the Hair Mist Collection of 8 fragrances that must suit you.  • Hair perfume not only detangles, moisturizes, and nourishes hair, it also adds shine and s..

AED 349 AED 523

Le Parfum Collection

Collection Le Parfum is a floral-fruity fragrance for women. Top notes are frangipani and Italian mandarin. Heart notes are pomegranate, orange blossom, and jasmine sambac;  • Base notes are amber,  • cedar,  • and Indonesian patchouli leaves...

AED 219 AED 329

Leather Collection

For someone who is important to you, • the right words can be difficult to find, so find the right gift! Introducing Collection Leather, a gift package in durable leather, embroidered with attractive graphics. You can give them as gifts to your loved ones on any occasion throughout the year...

AED 209 AED 314

Liberty Collection

Define your signature perfume in your own time with the Collection Liberty collection - which includes a favorite fragrance bouquet.  • Designed for ease and comfort.  • Enjoy the attractive scent of the fragrance.  • You can give them as gifts to your loved ones on any occasion throughout the year...

AED 219 AED 329

Luminous Perfume

Look for valuable things and be sure to own them, this saying completely applies to the new Luminous perfume set, consisting of five types of perfumes to suit the tastes of men and women together on all occasions,  • the perfumes in this group are characterized by a charming mixture of scents of lemon blossoms, apples and bergamot in addi..

AED 399 AED 698
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