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Hair fresheners

Hair fresheners


Johnny Varvatos Hair Perfume for Women is the perfect choice for you for all your occasions. • Design Johnny Varvatos perfume from John with a distinct artistic touch. • This fragrance is designed as a favorite for all occasions. It is characterized by a natural combination of fruits and flowers • For a distinct scent that mesmerizes everyone..

AED 119 AED 209

Ahla Al nisae Fresh Hair Mist

Ahla Al nisa Fresh Hair Mist is the sweetest of women from the perfumes of the land of the Gulf, •  a symbol of calm, excitement and distinction.•  It is characterized by high stability. •  Best women's hair perfume. The fragrance is very attractive in a feminine pink color, and has a soft touch to the bottle...

AED 59 AED 103

Al Anoutha Fresh Perfume

•  Hair perfume from the Royal Femininity Group is a mixture of perfumes, oils and luxurious oriental mixes that are safe for hair.•  It features the same notes of fragrant Turkish rose petals, sweet raspberry blossom and white amber that is completely addicting...

AED 59 AED 103

Awqat Fresh Hair Mist

With a distinctive oriental scent, •  the hair perfume consists of rose and musk, with a rich formula that leaves hair soft and shiny. •  When you perfume your hair with a hair fragrance for many times, the aura of the fragrance remains surrounding you at all times...

AED 59 AED 103

Black Crystal Fresh Hair Perfume

Black  Crystal  hair  perfume  is  distinguished  for  hair  care,light  formula  with irresistible  fruity  notes,•  specially  created  to  give  your  hair  long-lasting  freshness.•  Design edto   illuminate   color-treat..

AED 59 AED 103

Exciting For Woman Fresh Perfume

A refreshing floral fragrance that makes you dream of warm spring days. •  It beautifully disperses a lightweight mist containing smoothing ingredients for healthy hair.•   Sprinkle a little on your hair in the morning and you'll see that you'll smell the scent even after you come home at night...

AED 59 AED 103

Hair Mist Perfume

Hair perfume might not have been in your hair care routine before, but it is very important if you want to always smell luscious in your hair. •  You can achieve this by using the Hair Mist Collection of 8 fragrances that must suit you.  • Hair perfume not only detangles, moisturizes, and nourishes hair, it also adds shine and s..

AED 349 AED 523

Pink Love Fresh Hair Perfume

•  It smells of perfume but is light,•  suitable for all types of hair, even colored hair.•   Rich in argan oil, vitamins B and E, as well as other rich ingredients that nourish and perfume hair at the same time...

AED 59 AED 103

Box nafhat Teeb

• A fragrant group of makhmaria made of authentic oils and its scent is calm, attractive and suitable for men and women. It gives a clean scent and luster and a rose includes various additional samples such as common lilac, a large deciduous shrub that grows in height and in a creative and elegant way. It culminates in our Arab world. It is the flo..

AED 399 AED 449

Nafhat Al-laylak

•  Nafhat Al-laylak•  An enchanting blend of scents produced a scent of white musk, with a damask rose and lavender flower, and a patchouli base.• Suitable for evening parties, evening events, and for all other times of the day. Drops of its new practical design are used to be applied to the pulse areas of the neck, wrists, and scalp afte..

AED 149 AED 298

Nafhat Aljuri

• Nafhat Aljuri • In a quiet harmony of the different scents of the rose, the "Nafhat AlJuri" comes with a fragrance of the red rose top, a heart of the white rose mixture, and Dalias, and its base is lilac blossom.• A warm smell that doesn't empty of a house and suitable for all family members at all times. Use by placing a few drops of it in the ..

AED 109 AED 218

Nafhat Alsandal

•  Nafhat Alsandal •  A luxurious fragrance-shaped mix with a red sandal top, its heart is a Leather and a patchouli, and its base is saffron and musk.•  It is a perfectionistic perfume for a long day, as it has a firm and strong smell, and it is enough to put a few drops of it in the morning after bathing on the pulse areas at the n..

AED 149 AED 298

Nafhat Laosi

beautiful perfume•  consisting of a fragrance with a top fat of 'Oud Laosi', a heart of the parachulian fragrance, and a white saffron and sandal base. •  Using by placing droplets on the scalp and on the neck and wrist pulse areas. The new design of the perfume pack makes it easy to put its droplets to enjoy the smell of the breathtaking..

AED 119 AED 238

Nafhat Leylas

•  Nafhat Al-leylas • Unique scent with a combination of pink pepper perfume, the heart of tea flower oil and sectarian rose, and its base is a Leather and amber.• Fits all seasons and all times of the day, comes with an innovative design pack that helps to place perfume droplets on the neck, wrist, and scalp or hair tip areas. The fragrant sm..

AED 139 AED 278

jawhara bag

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;} jawhara bagmixes combine oud, rose and muskThe contents of the bag*Oud roses freshener 50ml ✅ * Fresh musk size 50 ml ✅ * Maher incense 150 grams ✅..

AED 159 AED 530

Al ahasis Bag

Al ahasis BagRasail Oud and Aroma Khaled from the first love fragrance experience that immerses him, essential oils are inspired by the world of luxury that smells of the finest types of oud and oriental notesThe contents of the bag* Barcode noir perfume 80ml ✅ * Barcode perfume volume 80 ml ✅ * Oud roses hair freshener 50ml ✅ * Musk hair freshener..

AED 299 AED 997

alhawamir Collection

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}alhawamir Collection A harmony of authentic oud that makes your day more exciting Contains four home sprays of Flora, Caramel, Oud and MuskAnd two types of incense, an oud ansam, an exciting oud, and a mixture of a white oud and you oudTwo fragrances of the distinctive oud, the oud fawz,..

AED 199 AED 299

Classic mod bag

Classic mod bagPuffs of distinctive scents embrace with royal fragrances with an oriental touch to create a dreamy sensation and leave an unforgettable and irresistible trail.Bag contents* Favorite perfume size 80 ml   ✅ * Lamsa Perfume, 80 ml ✅*Dalia perfume size 80 ml ✅Decent perfume size 80 ml ✅* Hair Mist Bloom 30 ml ✅* Vanilla hair mist 3..

AED 299 AED 763
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