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Home fresheners

Home fresheners

Aabak Al Sahraa bag

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}A bag of Aabak Al Sahraa sprinklersThe range of luxurious and exclusive home sprays, and the beautiful and fragrant scents are long lastingThe contents of the bagWhite flower sprinkler size 150 ml* Lily sprinkler volume of 150 ml ✅* Vetiver 1 spray size 150 ml ✅* Vetiver 2 spray size 150..

AED 159 AED 530

Collection fragrant Aabak Al Sahraa

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}A wide variety of home fresheners consists of 12 different perfumes, each one of which has a distinctive and constant smell, natural and without chemicals, that helps to provide an atmosphere of comfort and recovery throughout the house for a long timeThis special offer contains a comple..

AED 219 AED 399

Fawaha Collection

The Fragrant Collection contains two 350ml luxury bedspread fresheners with musk and oud scents, fawahat 'iilham , w fawahat misk tahira..

AED 139 AED 299

Anwar Al Sabah Air Freshener

Anwar Al Sabah Air Freshener : • is the luxury fragrance of your dreams • containing a secret blend of essential oils. •  It was developed to effectively combat unpleasant odors to fill the air with a pleasant aroma.  • It can also be used on curtains, carpets and bed linens. Try it as it is a fragrance worth trying...

AED 29 AED 51

Iconic Oudh Air Freshener

 • Iconic Oudh Air Freshener is the ideal freshener for a place filled with a distinctive aroma, for the home, car or office, this wonderful fragrance  • consists of an exciting mixture of several scents mixed together. •  starting with the smell of Australian lemon with frozen mint and black pepper. • and mediating th..

AED 39 AED 61

Mahasin Crystal Air Freshener

 • Mahasin Crystal Air Freshener has a soft scent infused with fruits, flowers and woods to create a sugary but musky fragrance.  • This mixture of natural fragrances is effective and quick to remove unpleasant odors and freshen the air with a pleasant fragrance. •  This fragrant mist has been made to obtain a special scent..

AED 39 AED 61

Nasaem Collection

Collection Nasaem A bunch of perfumes in an elegant box. Floral, sandalwood and woody perfumes. •  Top notes: aldehyde, pineapple, plum, dragon, lemon, bergamot and saffron Heart notes: orchid, rose, geranium, jasmine, lily of the valley, orris • . Base notes: cedar, guaiac wood, oud, sandalwood, patchouli, nagarmotha, white musk, to..

AED 228 AED 342

Pure Oudi Air Freshener

Pure Oudi Air Freshener is a freshener with a natural scent, it came from the heart of the Arabian Peninsula to refresh your home with its long-lasting scent. •  it is quick to remove unpleasant odors because it is a perfumed spray with oriental perfumes specially designed to fill the corners of your home with a clean, cool and pleasant a..

AED 39 AED 61

Qasr Al Husn Air Freshener

 • If you are a fan of the distinctive fragrance of every furnished piece in your home, then this perfume is for you. Qasr Al Husn Air Freshener was specially created to give a special fragrance for all types of furnishings: sheets, curtains, carpets and interiors, and also to perfume furniture and the car as it is a constant fragrance, lastin..

AED 29 AED 51

Tasneem Air Freshener

Tasneem Air Freshener has a very strong scent that is at the same time creative alluring. •  It has strong notes and at the same time soft, sweet and unique, • it is truly the favorite fragrance for special occasions. The fragrance opens with bergamot, and in the middle is the perfume of ylang ylang and camel leather, and the base of..

AED 29 AED 51

Vibrant Leather Home Scent

Get the sweet scent of blooming flowers with this air freshenerodor remover.•  It is very effective as it gives the place fresh air.•  This air freshener is designed to keep your scents fresh for a long time throughout the day.Use it in every room to get rid of those unwanted odors...

AED 59 AED 103

Wardah Air Freshener

Wardah Air Freshener is inspired by roses as its name indicates, so in it you will find everything that makes flowers:  • elegance, beauty, distinction, attractiveness, freshness. • all of that and more. Spoil your home, yourself and your children by acquiring this freshener for furniture, clothes and furniture as well. • a frag..

AED 29 AED 51

Washwashah Air Freshener

The Washwashah Air Freshener features an  • oriental floral fragrance •  and scents with the first sprays of raspberry,  • pink pepper and bitter orange.  • Then, after half an hour, you will see the aroma of French orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose.  • Finally, the scents of benzoin, vanilla, a..

AED 39 AED 61

alhawamir Collection

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}alhawamir Collection A harmony of authentic oud that makes your day more exciting Contains four home sprays of Flora, Caramel, Oud and MuskAnd two types of incense, an oud ansam, an exciting oud, and a mixture of a white oud and you oudTwo fragrances of the distinctive oud, the oud fawz,..

AED 199 AED 299

Alhayat Collection

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}A night in the right of perfume, it is a fragrance only, it is nostalgia, memories and another life when taste meets the distinctive oud in collection hayatTwo scents of the oud, the oud, the victory, the promises of AssamMixture of the distinctive type, royal mukhallat and mixed muskTwo..

AED 299 AED 399

alhoor Collection

Perfume scent like sweet scent sweetens four types of perfumes of 100 sizeAnd two hair perfumes, velvet and pure muskFour types of home sprays with specific smells and a volume of 150 mlTwo types of incense oud Ansam and Oud LamarElectronic Pearl Incense Burner..

AED 329 AED 399

Alhyba Bag

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}Alhyba BagExpress the depth of your love with valuable fragrances, deep and warm the perfect ambiance for your dayBox contents* Khayal Perfume, size 80 ml ✅ * Perfume Gram size 80 ml  ✅ * Qimma perfume size 80 ml   ✅ * Gernas perfume size 80 ml  ✅ * Hair Mist Candy Size 30..

AED 299 AED 763

alshuyukh Collection

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}How beautiful it is to flirt with the scents of perfumes and oud that are among the most beautiful scents among the oud and its followersKulishken Al Shuyukh contains four types of 150ml home spraysMktalin body white oud and you oudTwo types of incense Oud Sidra and Ansam OudThe distinct..

AED 219 AED 429
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