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Incense and Dukhoon

Incense and Dukhoon

Al Fakhamah Collection

The most beautiful types of oud, perfumes, and incense, in addition to the new life incense burner, all combined in one luxurious boxThis special offer contains a complete lineup of:• Al Hayat Incense Burner - black• Bakhour oud dahabi• Oud al dawat perfume• MISK AL AROUS • Amir al oud perume• Oud Al Dahab perfume..

AED 289 AED 499

AL TAMAYUOZ Collection

A distinctive collection of the finest perfumes with the best incense, in addition to the Arabian Oud, known for its luxurious and constant smell.This special offer contains a complete lineup of:• Al-Hayat Incense Burner - white• Bakhoor LAYLA• Bakhoor humail• Mu'taq Oud 2• Golden Amber Oud• Golden perfume• Sultan perfume..

AED 299 AED 489

Bakhour AL Hakem

• Incense made of luxurious oud to feel the perfect balance between elegance and attractiveness, • with a luxurious oriental flavor to live the atmosphere of royalty..

AED 63 AED 110

Bakhour Al Sultan

• Bakhour Al Sultan • With a mixture of bergamot with roses and sandalwood, this mixture is characterized by the refreshing scent of bergamot..

AED 67 AED 117

Bakhour Ameer Al Oud

• Dukhun Amir al-Oud, one of its distinctive ingredients is the Kashmiri oud with Taif rose and a little vanilla• An authentic scent that lasts for hours..

AED 65 AED 114

Bakhour Golden

• A special blend of Kashmiri oud with vanilla and citrus aroma. Deer musk (black) has been added with a little musk of purity• To give this wonderful and unique combination..

AED 65 AED 114

Bakhour Oud AL Zawat

• Incense made with the mixture of oud, cardamom and saffron, when used on coals, the scent of a sticky stick spreads...

AED 68 AED 119

Bakhour Oud Ateek

•Luxurious 100% natural oud wood, with premium incense flavor and great stability for daily use and occasions..

AED 66 AED 116

Bakhour oud dahabi

• One of the proprietary ingredients, especially incense, golden oud• With its striking scent that fascinates everyone who smells its luxurious scent with the original oud mixture..

AED 64 AED 112

Bakhour Safeer Al Hob

• Bakhoor Safeer Al Hob , with its soft, sensual French scent, gives an air of positivity and optimism in your home..

AED 60 AED 105

Bakhour Seher Al Gharam

• Incense that fascinates the breath, an attractive combination that gives an atmosphere of positivity and smell in all homes..

AED 71 AED 124

Bakhour Shay Momayaz

• Bakhour Shay Momayaz td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}whose name alone is sufficient to give you an overview of the distinct composition that it contains from the mixture of rose• With musk and blue amber in addition to vanilla and oud. ..

AED 64 AED 112

Assorted Mini Bakhoor Gifr Set

A wonderful and complete Bakhoor gift set - filled with a huge assortment of incense. •  You will love the distinctive mix of its scents...•  It will remind you of a cold desert night in the Middle East, with its fragrant and deep scent of incense. •  Very suitable for perfuming and evaporating the home and office, and enjoying the c..

AED 179 AED 198

Bakhoor Khashka

The image and authenticity of the East is not complete without kashkha incense. • As its scent adds a touch of elegance that cannot be identified anywhere. • Its fragrance is elegant and multifaceted. • It emits notes one after the other like scented breeze bubbles. • At the first smell, strong and fruity aromas will spread in t..

AED 49 AED 86

Bakhoor Malaki

 Here we have arrived at the royal collections with its luxury. •  it is the royal incense that reveals the royal scented incense stick mixed with pleasant summer roses, Indian herbs, warm amber scent and musk to weave one of the Arab myths around you, leaving you with a unique experience in smell and quality...

AED 49 AED 86

Nasaem Collection

Collection Nasaem A bunch of perfumes in an elegant box. Floral, sandalwood and woody perfumes. •  Top notes: aldehyde, pineapple, plum, dragon, lemon, bergamot and saffron Heart notes: orchid, rose, geranium, jasmine, lily of the valley, orris • . Base notes: cedar, guaiac wood, oud, sandalwood, patchouli, nagarmotha, white musk, to..

AED 228 AED 342

Dokhon Sioufi

Dokhon Sioufi•  A blend of ancient scents, the oud swordmusk, and amber combine in a sophisticated Dokhon package.•  ''Dokhon Sioufi " suitable for long workin•  days, its constant smell eliminates the need to renew the fragrance several times during the day. • It comes with stylish, easy-to-carry packaging, with a discount card..

AED 99 AED 173

6 types of frankincense

•  Harmala Frankincense : A distinctive blend of the scent of the Harmala flower with the Arabian laban and a selection of authentic Arabic oils.•  Chamomile Frankincense : With its captivating aroma, chamomile flowers blend with the finest Arabic oils and sterile laban pieces.•  Mint Frankincense : The mint's delight, and the steril..

AED 389 AED 524
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