Nafhat Al-laylak
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Nafhat Al-laylak

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•  Nafhat Al-laylak

•  An enchanting blend of scents produced a scent of white musk, with a damask rose and lavender flower, and a patchouli base.

• Suitable for evening parties, evening events, and for all other times of the day. Drops of its new practical design are used to be applied to the pulse areas of the neck, wrists, and scalp after showering, in the morning, or evening.
• ''Nafhat Al-laylak'' comes in a luxurious packaging that includes models from four other whiffs that you can try and enjoy the steady of smell.
• A collection of five aromatic oil compositions, distinguished by their uniqueness in composition and the quality of their sources, to give creative scents in which the originality of oriental scents blends with the elegance of western scents.
• The perfumes of "Nafhat Teeb" fit all categories and ages, and are used for various events .. Once placed in the body in the shower or in the morning, it is smelled with a long-lasting blaze throughout the day, and every breath of movement, airflow, hot to cold or vice versa. Your day is a fragrance in every detail

Smell description

Aromatic Heart Damask rose and lavender flower
Aromatic Rule Patchouli
Aromatic Pulp White Musk

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  • Product Type Nafhat Teeb
  • Size shown in image 15 ml