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توصيل مجاني

سريع : 1-2 ايام عمل

ضمان استرجاع

في غضون 15 يوم

Our secret ingredient

As the poet is inspired by the heart of nature, his poem. We made the scents our poems, inspired by their charming sources in their finest forms, to come up with an exquisite comment referred to as Lebanon, and conclude with "Tayeb Al Hour", and put a mark in the world of perfumes, filled with joy, luxury and love. We look for delicious aromas, high-permeable essential oils and luxurious ouds, and return to their original origin to select their best varieties. We extract it by a drop, and put the component on top of the other with a high professionalism and deep experience, and in precise proportions that each perfume has its own personality that we create and make with our own hands. Make perfumes for relaxation, some for evenings or events, or ideal for a long working day. Suitable for different age groups, different interests, men and women.

Each has its own components that make it so effective and which we define very precisely. The fragrance is scented and firm and with a comfortable scent concentration, without adding chemicals that may reduce the quality of natural aromatic formulations, reduce the concentration of their scent, or affect their purity. Then, if you have prepared the exquisite combinations, carefully place them in packages with a well-designed and practical design that suits the way they are used.

Then we save them - after close tightly - in places that apply the highest standards of quality and cleanliness, to maintain their quality and remain as they are, odors unique in their being and strong in their effect.