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Product Code: BL37

Rose musk frankincense

خصومات العملاء المميزين بمناسبة
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•  Rose musk frankincense

•  Here, the gentleness of the original rose oil and the tranquility of musk, combine with a mixture of Arabic oils and pieces of laban. 

• A scent floods the whole with comfort and relaxation, while achieving frankincense benefit in cleansing and sterilizing air. 

• Rose musk frankincense is the perfect choice for all occasions at different times, as it has a strong aroma with a long stability, adding distinct touches to the look of your day.

•  Six enchanting aromatic scents meet in a rare mixture with a group of Arabian oils and the well-known Arab frankincense which is indispensable. To produce the " Teeb Al-Hoor Frankincense " group with its strong and steady aroma. leaving the place fragrant with its aroma for long hours. 

• Thus, the group " Teeb Al-Hoor Frankincense " achieves the health benefits and the exquisite scents in each perfume packaging from the group.

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  • SKU BL37
  • Color N/A
  • Product Type Incense of frankincense
  • Size shown in image 150 ml