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All Products

Ana Al Awwal Perfume

Ana Al Awwal Perfume is a unisex fragrance meant for both men and women to enjoy.•  This perfume is a fresh fruity scent with a soft sweet side. An easy going personality with airy texture that is perfect for every day wear.•  This refreshing blend gives you hours of a light outdoor scent.•  It is a blend of fruit notes, green notes ..

AED 78 AED 137

Andaleeb Perfume

Nightingale fragrance is a fragrance that opens with a revitalizing leathery aromatic scent. Fragrance for both men and women.•  It is the fragrance that you can fall in love with at the very first smell.•  Top Notes: Sweet Floral, Berry, Tangerine. •  Middle notes: musk, fruit, and sweet. Base notes: musk, vanilla, and warm woods...

AED 129 AED 198

Anwar Al Sabah Air Freshener

Anwar Al Sabah Air Freshener : • is the luxury fragrance of your dreams • containing a secret blend of essential oils. •  It was developed to effectively combat unpleasant odors to fill the air with a pleasant aroma.  • It can also be used on curtains, carpets and bed linens. Try it as it is a fragrance worth trying...

AED 29 AED 51

Areej Al Musk perfume

• Areej Al Musk perfume combines light, fresh eleme a-kind scent that can last a long time and cast a memorable net.•  The balance of floral and spicy notes with woody scents and musk allow the fragrance to create an air of mystery that can perfume your special occasions or intimate evenings...

AED 89 AED 156

Aseel Aloud Collection

:يحتوي هذا الكولكشن على عطرين بحجم 100 مل تجمع مابين العود العربي و الفرنسي ليعطيك احساس الكمال . عطر Sandal touch بحجم 100 مل . عطر Magic بحجم 100 مل بالاضافه الى ثلاثه علب من اجود انواع الدخون . بخور Maha مها بحجم 150 جرام . بخور Oud aasaam عود اسام بحجم 150 جرام . بخور Ameer امير بحجم 150 جر..

AED 159 AED 159

Assorted Mini Bakhoor Gifr Set

A wonderful and complete Bakhoor gift set - filled with a huge assortment of incense. •  You will love the distinctive mix of its scents...•  It will remind you of a cold desert night in the Middle East, with its fragrant and deep scent of incense. •  Very suitable for perfuming and evaporating the home and office, and enjoying the c..

AED 179 AED 198

Authentic Arabian Incense Burner

Eastern culture was and still is a prominent feature in the world of fragrance and incense burners, which is a way for Arabs to highlight their status and heritage. And one of the distinctive possessions that we present to you now is Authentic Arabian Incense Burner. • It is like a embracing, with a symbol of authenticity and Arab personality...

AED 74 AED 130

Awqat Fresh Hair Mist

With a distinctive oriental scent, •  the hair perfume consists of rose and musk, with a rich formula that leaves hair soft and shiny. •  When you perfume your hair with a hair fragrance for many times, the aura of the fragrance remains surrounding you at all times...

AED 59 AED 103

Bakhoor Khashka

The image and authenticity of the East is not complete without kashkha incense. • As its scent adds a touch of elegance that cannot be identified anywhere. • Its fragrance is elegant and multifaceted. • It emits notes one after the other like scented breeze bubbles. • At the first smell, strong and fruity aromas will spread in t..

AED 49 AED 86

Bakhoor Malaki

 Here we have arrived at the royal collections with its luxury. •  it is the royal incense that reveals the royal scented incense stick mixed with pleasant summer roses, Indian herbs, warm amber scent and musk to weave one of the Arab myths around you, leaving you with a unique experience in smell and quality...

AED 49 AED 86

Black Crystal Fresh Hair Perfume

Black  Crystal  hair  perfume  is  distinguished  for  hair  care,light  formula  with irresistible  fruity  notes,•  specially  created  to  give  your  hair  long-lasting  freshness.•  Design edto   illuminate   color-treat..

AED 59 AED 103

Black Cup Incense Burner

• The Black Cup Incense Burner comes with a modern and unique design, in the form of an elegant cup shape in a dark black color, decorated with fancy Arabic letters creatively in golden color, to taste the splendor of the authentic Arabic session.  • It comes with an elegant plate and a perfect size, that enables you to place or move it a..

AED 89 AED 156

bronz - برونز

Product Description1- Contains 2 perfumes, 1 French perfume, 1 Arabic oud perfume, with a capacity of 100 ml2- 2 hair fresheners: 1 pure oudi, 1 rawat al-musk3 - Incense Fatima, the size of 150 grams5- Luxurious and elegant incense burner..

AED 189 AED 378

Bur body edp

Blue Oud perfume is a unique fragrant of rare Indian Oud and blue musk scent which contains sandalwood, black broccoli, white saffron extract and Dehn Oud extract. to give you an exuding mix coming from years of experience enjoyed by Arabian Oud. Its sce+F180:F240nt is oriental-spicy...

AED 143 AED 198

Burner cup

•  An elegant incense burner, easy to carry anywhere, made of ceramic, which means durability and ease of cleaning, decorated with gilded Arabic letters, which gives it a classic character, • and its black color makes it a masterpiece•  in addition to its main function, which is to scent the atmosphere with your favorite incense.•&nb..

AED 49 AED 86

Car Electric Incense Burner

It is easy to use and lightweight, specially designed to Perfuming your car, and it can also be used to perfume the house.•  the incense burner is rechargeable to eliminate the disadvantages of using charcoal and the pollution it causes to the air. • and once turn on, you will smell pure incense as if you embraced nature...

AED 87 AED 152

Chris Adams Life Time Pour Homme

Chris Adams Life Time Pour Homme is an oriental fragrance for men. • The fragrance combines exquisite Italian bergamot and lavender, •  with heart notes of orange flower and jasmine, and a musk leaf and patchouli approach.• The fragrance is preserved in a black leather-coated bottle and comes in a black box...

AED 79 AED 138

E-aromatherapy evaporator

•  Aromatherapy electronic incense burner has proven its success with everyone who has tried it, it is indispensable for Perfuming hair and beard as well.•  because it is small and safe and includes a comb for styling hair and to Perfum its fragrance with your distinctive incense, and its advantages are still many.• it is waterproof and h..

AED 219 AED 383
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