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All Products

Qasr Al Husn Air Freshener

 • If you are a fan of the distinctive fragrance of every furnished piece in your home, then this perfume is for you. Qasr Al Husn Air Freshener was specially created to give a special fragrance for all types of furnishings: sheets, curtains, carpets and interiors, and also to perfume furniture and the car as it is a constant fragrance, lastin..

AED 29 AED 51

Roses Perfume

Roses is a perfume for women, launched in 2011, with the top notes of lemon and the scent of water; Heart notes are rose and sugar, base notes are vanilla, sugar, white musk and cedar.A distinctive clean scent that gives a feeling of confidence...

AED 99 AED 173

Shay Oud

Shay Oud is an oriental fragrance for men and women. Oriental echoes of precious woods, gourmet fruits, vetiver and beautifully decorated moss, •  it is a new fragrance that attracts both men and women. The scent is terribly appealing, woody and floral, and alluring. •  Top notes are pepper. The heart of the fragrance is rose. Base notes ..

AED 89 AED 156

Superb Collection

Superb Collection.  • A bouquet of beautiful and attractive design perfumes.  • Packaged in an elegant, soft-touch, light box  • that symbolizes good taste. Choose a gift package that suits you and your loved ones to make them happy...

AED 209 AED 314

Tasneem Air Freshener

Tasneem Air Freshener has a very strong scent that is at the same time creative alluring. •  It has strong notes and at the same time soft, sweet and unique, • it is truly the favorite fragrance for special occasions. The fragrance opens with bergamot, and in the middle is the perfume of ylang ylang and camel leather, and the base of..

AED 29 AED 51

Very Sensual Perfume

Very Sensual is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. •  Top notes are Blackberry, Pepper, Cactus, Clementine and Cappuccino;•  middle notes are Orchid, Camellia, Hortensia and Mimosa; base notes are Blackberry, Musk, Woodsy Notes and Amber.•  It is a bold, woody slow-burn that lingers. Provocative from the start, with juicy, r..

AED 63 AED 110

Vibrant Leather Home Scent

Get the sweet scent of blooming flowers with this air freshenerodor remover.•  It is very effective as it gives the place fresh air.•  This air freshener is designed to keep your scents fresh for a long time throughout the day.Use it in every room to get rid of those unwanted odors...

AED 59 AED 103

Viton Collection

Fragrance is not just a versatile product - like refreshing or creating a wonderful atmosphere in the home. •  It's a gift that speaks to emotion. A set of gifts and boxes of love to keep us happy with your high taste and delight your loved ones on all occasions and all occasions...

AED 209 AED 314

Wardah Air Freshener

Wardah Air Freshener is inspired by roses as its name indicates, so in it you will find everything that makes flowers:  • elegance, beauty, distinction, attractiveness, freshness. • all of that and more. Spoil your home, yourself and your children by acquiring this freshener for furniture, clothes and furniture as well. • a frag..

AED 29 AED 51

Washwashah Air Freshener

The Washwashah Air Freshener features an  • oriental floral fragrance •  and scents with the first sprays of raspberry,  • pink pepper and bitter orange.  • Then, after half an hour, you will see the aroma of French orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose.  • Finally, the scents of benzoin, vanilla, a..

AED 39 AED 61

White Cob Incense Burner

In the form of an elegant cup, and in its Pure white color, it is decorated with a wonderful golden feather, with Arabic letters creatively decorated in gold, and some letters in red. To taste the splendor of the authentic Arabic session. •  It comes with an elegant plate and a perfect size  • that you can place or move it to an..

AED 99 AED 173

Dokhon Sioufi

Dokhon Sioufi•  A blend of ancient scents, the oud swordmusk, and amber combine in a sophisticated Dokhon package.•  ''Dokhon Sioufi " suitable for long workin•  days, its constant smell eliminates the need to renew the fragrance several times during the day. • It comes with stylish, easy-to-carry packaging, with a discount card..

AED 99 AED 173

6 types of frankincense

•  Harmala Frankincense : A distinctive blend of the scent of the Harmala flower with the Arabian laban and a selection of authentic Arabic oils.•  Chamomile Frankincense : With its captivating aroma, chamomile flowers blend with the finest Arabic oils and sterile laban pieces.•  Mint Frankincense : The mint's delight, and the steril..

AED 389 AED 524

Al Majles Oud

•  The elegance of the fragrance and the originality of its ingredients characterizes Al majles. The oud derives its luxurious scent of a group of oriental perfumes formulated specially by Teeb Al-Hour.It's designed to allow your home to absorb and give off such fragrance as inherited from diverse oriental locations.•  Al majles  oud..

AED 99 AED 173

Al Nood

•  Here, the watered oud is distinguished by the aroma of "nood", with an aromatic formula that mixes the meanings of softness and luxury, to produce an exquisite fragrance with a strong, light and breathy fragrance smell as soon as you put pieces of it on the burning coals as a breeze that does not do justice to his description of the words.•..

AED 129 AED 149

Amber Oud

•  Al Amber oud from the soaked oud collection has come from soaking the oud wood with amber oil. Gathering warmth, sweetness and luxury at the same time to give you times full of vitality and rest far away from headaches and chest pain in the common cold; In addition to its constant aroma that lays chapters of beauty in the world of aromatic ..

AED 129 AED 189

Assam Oud

A specialty from the Assam forests of Indian highlands, known for the longevity of its treesAssam oud has been immortalized by past generations. Characterized by its strength and exquisite black veins.• it's presented to you natural free from industrial materials. •  It brings to the surface memories of the past and remains with you as lo..

AED 177 AED 277

Box nafhat Teeb

• A fragrant group of makhmaria made of authentic oils and its scent is calm, attractive and suitable for men and women. It gives a clean scent and luster and a rose includes various additional samples such as common lilac, a large deciduous shrub that grows in height and in a creative and elegant way. It culminates in our Arab world. It is the flo..

AED 399 AED 449
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