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All Products

Moroki Oud

• Here is the supremacy of the luxurious scent .. Where you find the finest Oud in its distinctive shape, it bestows its prestige on the place and fills it with its strong calm scent at the same time .. whether you incense with it an office, your majlis, or even your clothes.• You will be accompanied by its elegant scentAnd stuck in the minds• Al-M..

AED 171 AED 271

Nafhat Al-laylak

•  Nafhat Al-laylak•  An enchanting blend of scents produced a scent of white musk, with a damask rose and lavender flower, and a patchouli base.• Suitable for evening parties, evening events, and for all other times of the day. Drops of its new practical design are used to be applied to the pulse areas of the neck, wrists, and scalp afte..

AED 149 AED 298

Nafhat Aljuri

• Nafhat Aljuri • In a quiet harmony of the different scents of the rose, the "Nafhat AlJuri" comes with a fragrance of the red rose top, a heart of the white rose mixture, and Dalias, and its base is lilac blossom.• A warm smell that doesn't empty of a house and suitable for all family members at all times. Use by placing a few drops of it in the ..

AED 109 AED 218

Nafhat Alsandal

•  Nafhat Alsandal •  A luxurious fragrance-shaped mix with a red sandal top, its heart is a Leather and a patchouli, and its base is saffron and musk.•  It is a perfectionistic perfume for a long day, as it has a firm and strong smell, and it is enough to put a few drops of it in the morning after bathing on the pulse areas at the n..

AED 149 AED 298

Nafhat Laosi

beautiful perfume•  consisting of a fragrance with a top fat of 'Oud Laosi', a heart of the parachulian fragrance, and a white saffron and sandal base. •  Using by placing droplets on the scalp and on the neck and wrist pulse areas. The new design of the perfume pack makes it easy to put its droplets to enjoy the smell of the breathtaking..

AED 119 AED 238

Nafhat Leylas

•  Nafhat Al-leylas • Unique scent with a combination of pink pepper perfume, the heart of tea flower oil and sectarian rose, and its base is a Leather and amber.• Fits all seasons and all times of the day, comes with an innovative design pack that helps to place perfume droplets on the neck, wrist, and scalp or hair tip areas. The fragrant sm..

AED 139 AED 278

Nagaland Oud

• With its scarcity comes elegance and a fragrance of such power that engulfs entire halls from the jungles of Nagaland.Praised for its rich fragrance and soothing properties the nagaland oud can quickly travel from hands to outfits and even to the surroundings.•   With its long stability, the nagaland Oud gives you hours of soothing nerve..

AED 198 AED 298

Quadruple Box Of Ancient Oud

•  Oud is the root of our tradition, and its anointing is the charter of the branch.  A group of agarwood filings from the Cambodian aged agarwood forests, which is considered of the first class in purity and nature.  Its weight and is famous for its large shape and high stability, so it is used in personal care. It contains fixed oi..

AED 799 AED 859

Rose musk frankincense

•  Rose musk frankincense•  Here, the gentleness of the original rose oil and the tranquility of musk, combine with a mixture of Arabic oils and pieces of laban. • A scent floods the whole with comfort and relaxation, while achieving frankincense benefit in cleansing and sterilizing air. • Rose musk frankincense is the perfect c..

AED 69 AED 121

Royal Frankincense

• It is made up of oud and rare French scents a sophisticated and different combination of them for you alone we were different with the latest unique scents...

AED 59 AED 103

Sandal frankincense

• Sandal Of the types of luxurious frankincense and the smell that many fans of the unique luxury sandal would buy it with its distinctive smell • It comes to fill your home or office with the true Middle Eastern scent• the ingredients : Sandalwood, White Musk, Bulgarian Rose..

AED 69 AED 121

Saudi Oud frankincense

• Saudi Oud frankincense• A luxurious packaging that blends Arabic frankincense and Arabic oils with oud. • To create a long-standing aroma, it scents the place and makes the air more pure and clear, suitable for all occasions.• The " Saudi Oud frankincense " incense can be used to steam clothes in the morning or to steam home rooms at any tim..

AED 89 AED 156

Shiokhi musk frankincense

Shiokhi musk frankincenseThe smell of musk oil is manifested with the scent of Arabic frankincense pieces in the " Shiokhi musk frankincense " to give the impression of strength and wisdom. This scent remains a unique part of the Arab heritage that everyone loves and keeps flourishing.In addition to its strong and firm scent, musk and gum together ..

AED 69 AED 121

Sweet Oud

•  With this delicate velvety scent of rose, fragrant blossom and other natural oriental perfumes and by Soaking the finest types of oud wood in this gorgeous mixture•   Sweet Oud Al Masqi sits on the top of soft scents, which are perfect for long events and evenings. •  The home can be censed at any time to beat with the warmth..

AED 129 AED 149

The perfect five-point incense box

•  A royal elite extracted from the shades of the oud mine, the oud oil, and the luxurious original oils that are always permanent, breezes that blow on you with the purest and most luxurious aged fat, a quote from amber and white musk, and the beautiful fixed French scents suitable for men and women,•  as it sang the fragrance of sandalw..

AED 299 AED 599

Tohfa perfume set

• When amber has its silence, patchouli imposes its power with its scent, and the spices and skins for this fragrance are my top.We realize that we are in front of a unique perfumed masterpiece offered by "Teeb al hoor" for those who appreciate luxury perfumes.•  A fragrance that is distinguished by its long wear.•  it lasts for more than..

AED 880 AED 949

Tohfat leather

•  When the amber has its mark, and the patchouli imposes its aroma, and the the top of this fragrance are spices and leathers• We realize that we are in front of unique perfume presented by Teeb Al Hoor for those who appreciate luxury perfumes.•  "tohfat leather" is characterized by its long stability, it lasts for more than 24 hours, ma..

AED 349 AED 429

Tohfat Marroqui

•  In Tohfat Marroqui the luscious scents are met in a confident feminine blend, exclusive and beats with elegancy. From the first spray you will be welcomed by the Indian jasmine with its gorgeous smell along with a collection of aromatic flowers, leaving you with the scent of aromatic woods and ends with the warmth of white fancy amber.•&nbs..

AED 349 AED 429
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