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Box nafhat Teeb

AED 399

A fragrant group of makhmaria made of authentic oils and its scent is calm, attractive and suitable for men and women. It gives a clean scent and luster and a rose includes various additional samples such as common lilac, a large deciduous shrub that grows in height and in a creative and elegant way. It culminates in our Arab world. It is the flowe..


Frankincense incense box of six different smells

AED 429

Fear of sterile mountain scents from the nobility of the past and the origin of the present. Unique and varied mixtures that contain the parts of the ancient tea flower, the bright veil and the lavender. The origin of lavender and the awakening of a fragrant mint and chamomile from the chamomile tree from the most beautiful herbs and the names of t..


Quadruple Box Of Ancient Oud

AED 799

Oud is the root of our tradition, and its anointing is the charter of the branch.  A group of agarwood filings from the Cambodian aged agarwood forests, which is considered of the first class in purity and nature.  Its weight and is famous for its large shape and high stability, so it is used in personal care. It contains fixed oils that ..


The perfect five-point incense box

AED 499

A royal elite extracted from the shades of the oud mine, the oud oil, and the luxurious original oils that are always permanent, breezes that blow on you with the purest and most luxurious aged fat, a quote from amber and white musk, and the beautiful fixed French scents suitable for men and women, as it sang the fragrance of sandalwood and refined..

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