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Teeb Al Hoor

Dokhon Sioufi

Dokhon Sioufi•  A blend of ancient scents, the oud swordmusk, and amber combine in a sophisticated Dokhon package.•  ''Dokhon Sioufi " suitable for long workin•  days, its constant smell eliminates the need to renew the fragrance several times during the day. • It comes with stylish, easy-to-carry packaging, with a discount card..

AED 99 AED 173

6 types of frankincense

•  Harmala Frankincense : A distinctive blend of the scent of the Harmala flower with the Arabian laban and a selection of authentic Arabic oils.•  Chamomile Frankincense : With its captivating aroma, chamomile flowers blend with the finest Arabic oils and sterile laban pieces.•  Mint Frankincense : The mint's delight, and the steril..

AED 389 AED 524

Al Majles Oud

•  The elegance of the fragrance and the originality of its ingredients characterizes Al majles. The oud derives its luxurious scent of a group of oriental perfumes formulated specially by Teeb Al-Hour.It's designed to allow your home to absorb and give off such fragrance as inherited from diverse oriental locations.•  Al majles  oud..

AED 99 AED 173

Al Nood

•  Here, the watered oud is distinguished by the aroma of "nood", with an aromatic formula that mixes the meanings of softness and luxury, to produce an exquisite fragrance with a strong, light and breathy fragrance smell as soon as you put pieces of it on the burning coals as a breeze that does not do justice to his description of the words.•..

AED 129 AED 149

Amber Oud

•  Al Amber oud from the soaked oud collection has come from soaking the oud wood with amber oil. Gathering warmth, sweetness and luxury at the same time to give you times full of vitality and rest far away from headaches and chest pain in the common cold; In addition to its constant aroma that lays chapters of beauty in the world of aromatic ..

AED 129 AED 189

Assam Oud

A specialty from the Assam forests of Indian highlands, known for the longevity of its treesAssam oud has been immortalized by past generations. Characterized by its strength and exquisite black veins.• it's presented to you natural free from industrial materials. •  It brings to the surface memories of the past and remains with you as lo..

AED 177 AED 277

Box nafhat Teeb

• A fragrant group of makhmaria made of authentic oils and its scent is calm, attractive and suitable for men and women. It gives a clean scent and luster and a rose includes various additional samples such as common lilac, a large deciduous shrub that grows in height and in a creative and elegant way. It culminates in our Arab world. It is the flo..

AED 399 AED 449

Cambodian Oud frankincense

•  Cambodian Oud frankincense•  Wonderful harmony between the elegance of Cambodian Oud oil and the aroma of pure Arabic laban.• It can be used to vaporize clothes to stay fragrant for long hours during the day or on various occasions, or to steam home rooms and let them smell of the rich scent of Cambodian Oud.• Six enchanting aromatic s..

AED 99 AED 173

Carnation Frankincense

• Carnation Frankincense• A mix of an Arabian laban and the finest Arabic oils with the smell of permeable Carnation. It gives clean air and a free atmosphere of contaminants.• Ideal for steaming at any time of day to stay smelly for hours. • One of the finest Arab oil and Arab laban. ''Teeb Al-Hoor'' shows a collection of six delicious Arab smells..

AED 69 AED 121

Chamomile Frankincense

•  Chamomile Frankincense•  With its captivating aroma, chamomile flowers blend with the finest Arabic oils and sterile laban pieces.•  To give a feeling of warmth, tenderness, and relaxation, with fresh and clean air sterilized by Arabic frankincense. •  It can be used to steam clothes in the evening, steam home rooms, and ster..

AED 79 AED 138

Dokhon Musk

Dokhon Musk • The white and black musk mix with the flower of fulla and the flower of Dalias is a mixture of the ancient past, with a modern and elegant character, creating a fragrance based on musk and the essence of the flower of the heart, and the heart of the flower of Dalias.•  With its steady aroma and strong presence, "Dokhon Musk"..

AED 88 AED 154

Dokhon Princess

• Dokhon Princess •  Here, wild Jasmine blends with the scent of tobacco, white musk, and Istanbul rose, forming a fragrance of its base is musk, a sour of Istanbul rose, and its heart is the French fragrance.•  ''Dokhon Princess'' is an example of a time-honored and dreamy smell, which stands out when clothes, house or workplace eva..

AED 69 AED 121

Dokhon Reve

• Dokhon Reve.• A French rose-based fragrance, hearty French oils, and a lavender oil core. It comes in a luxurious packaging to give an aromatic scent that is characterized by its stability and its heritage.• When the clothes are steamed with "Dokhon Reve" in the early morning or the office fumigates as soon as it enters, it will smell authentic a..

AED 79 AED 138

Dokhon Rouh Al-Oud

•  Dokhon Rouh Al-Oud •  A strong combination of vintage and rootic returns, with orchid leaves and the scent of tobacco.Perfect for long-lasting events and evenings, thanks to its new blend, the ''Dokhon Rouh Al-Oud'' gives you a stable, confident, and powerful feel.•  The perfume arrives in a sophisticated box, with a discount..

AED 99 AED 173

FATIMA ROSE Frankincense

•  Incense of frankincense rose Fatima rose is a mixture of sectarian rose and lavender and some flowers mixed with grains of frankincense .. Aroma spread throughout, eliminating the unpleasant smells spread in the home. And it eliminates insects scattered in homes.•  Charming aromatic scents meet in a rare mixture with a group of Arabian..

AED 59 AED 103

Frankincense Flower of Tea

• Frankincense Flower Of Tea• The aroma of tea flower and the benefits of Arabic frankincense in sterilization, and mixing it with the best Arab oils . Incense of gum is the flower of tea. •  Which relaxes the soul, removes ugly odors, sterilizes, and cleans the air throughout, eliminating germs and leaving a fragrant smell in place. •  O..

AED 99 AED 173

Frankincense incense box of six different smells

• Fear of sterile mountain scents from the nobility of the past and the origin of the present. Unique and varied mixtures that contain the parts of the ancient tea flower, the bright veil and the lavender. The origin of lavender and the awakening of a fragrant mint and chamomile from the chamomile tree from the most beautiful herbs and the names of..

AED 429 AED 526

Harmala Frankincense

•  Harmala Frankincense•  A distinctive blend of the scent of the Harmala flower with the Arabian laban and a selection of authentic Arabic oils.•  The Arab Frankincense is useful in sterilizing the air with the benefits of the flower of the sand in the rest of the stress when the house is bothered by the long day.•  One of the ..

AED 79 AED 138
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