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Less than 100 AED

Less than 100 AED

Bakhour AL Hakem

• Incense made of luxurious oud to feel the perfect balance between elegance and attractiveness, • with a luxurious oriental flavor to live the atmosphere of royalty..

AED 63 AED 110

Bakhour Al Sultan

• Bakhour Al Sultan • With a mixture of bergamot with roses and sandalwood, this mixture is characterized by the refreshing scent of bergamot..

AED 67 AED 117

Bakhour Ameer Al Oud

• Dukhun Amir al-Oud, one of its distinctive ingredients is the Kashmiri oud with Taif rose and a little vanilla• An authentic scent that lasts for hours..

AED 65 AED 114

Bakhour Golden

• A special blend of Kashmiri oud with vanilla and citrus aroma. Deer musk (black) has been added with a little musk of purity• To give this wonderful and unique combination..

AED 65 AED 114

Bakhour Oud AL Zawat

• Incense made with the mixture of oud, cardamom and saffron, when used on coals, the scent of a sticky stick spreads...

AED 68 AED 119

Bakhour Oud Ateek

•Luxurious 100% natural oud wood, with premium incense flavor and great stability for daily use and occasions..

AED 66 AED 116

Bakhour oud dahabi

• One of the proprietary ingredients, especially incense, golden oud• With its striking scent that fascinates everyone who smells its luxurious scent with the original oud mixture..

AED 64 AED 112

Bakhour Safeer Al Hob

• Bakhoor Safeer Al Hob , with its soft, sensual French scent, gives an air of positivity and optimism in your home..

AED 60 AED 105

Bakhour Seher Al Gharam

• Incense that fascinates the breath, an attractive combination that gives an atmosphere of positivity and smell in all homes..

AED 71 AED 124

Bakhour Shay Momayaz

• Bakhour Shay Momayaz td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}whose name alone is sufficient to give you an overview of the distinct composition that it contains from the mixture of rose• With musk and blue amber in addition to vanilla and oud. ..

AED 64 AED 112


td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}• A timeless scent enclosed in a bottle of dark and mysterious blue. • Blue perfume is a composition created with a pure and deep personality that exudes self-confidence...

AED 99 AED 173


• Cavallo elegance and sophistication fragrance with its unique formula • Makes you the center of attention on all occasions • Persistent floral fragrance that lasts for the whole day..

AED 85 AED 149


• A mixture of amber and oud flavored with saffron Aromatic note: • Top notes: Taif rose, saffron • Heart: Agarwood, Sandalwood • Base: amber, oud oil..

AED 89 AED 156


•It is a floral and fruity fragrance in harmony with both sides. It enters the aromatic composition • A refreshing set of mandarin orange, bergamot, strawberry leaf, raspberry, rose, musk and blackcurrant...

AED 85 AED 149


td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}• Space fragrance is one of the fragrant from AABAK AL SAHRAA brand , this luxurious fragrance• It is characterized by its attractive and refreshing scent that lasts for more than a whole day..

AED 89 AED 156

Portable Electronic Incense Burner

The time of charcoal has ended with its problems, and the modern suitable alternative is this small-sized electric incense burner. This incense burner has many advantages:•  it is light and can be carried anywhere,•  and it is elegant that you can display in front of your guests and at parties and family events with satisfaction,•  i..

AED 74 AED 130

Ahla Al nisae Fresh Hair Mist

Ahla Al nisa Fresh Hair Mist is the sweetest of women from the perfumes of the land of the Gulf, •  a symbol of calm, excitement and distinction.•  It is characterized by high stability. •  Best women's hair perfume. The fragrance is very attractive in a feminine pink color, and has a soft touch to the bottle...

AED 59 AED 103

Al Anoutha Fresh Perfume

•  Hair perfume from the Royal Femininity Group is a mixture of perfumes, oils and luxurious oriental mixes that are safe for hair.•  It features the same notes of fragrant Turkish rose petals, sweet raspberry blossom and white amber that is completely addicting...

AED 59 AED 103
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